Adoption vs. Engagement

Sales-Guy and IT 

Is this just the Learning-Curve-Blues, a Bad Choice…or did Change Management drop the ball?

This Cartoon speaks volumes about efficiency solutions gone bad. Just because somebody invests resources in “a great” solution and it is adopted doesn’t mean it is functioning as it was intended — possibly just the opposite, while hurting your businesses productivity – where little engagement exists.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. How did you choose the solution?
  2. How did you choose the solution?
  3. Who did you involve in the decision?
  4. Was the solution tested by its end-users for feedback?
  5. Did they have any input post trial?
  6. Were sufficient training and leave-behind manuals available?
  7. Is there a go-to “expert” during the transition?
  8. Did you take advantage of any built in plug-and-play integration to help bridge the gap between old and new systems?

Adoption – users have accepted that a new process or program has been put in place and used it at least once.
Engagement – users find benefit and value from the process or program on an ongoing basis.

Somebody handling change management may have dropped the ball in this case (above). Sales-Guy doesn’t seem to know about the batch-import options that can save him hours of hen-pecking in his weekly sales leads… you still got your customer-relationship transparency though…

21 FREE Infographics for the Modern Day Marketer – These are Printable! I know…!

I love infographics but sometimes I just want to lay down and go through them in printed format, the way I like to read printed magazines or catalogs. I plan on finding great short infographics and convert those loooooong infographics into printable format on 8 x 11.

Here are my first 21 printable infographics for the Modern Day Marketer. I read these a few days ago and am already light-years of ahead of where I was just last week…I feel like I was just plugged into the Matrix like Keanu Reeves when he became a Master Kung-Fu expert in a matter of hours.

Download 21 FREE Printable Infographics for the Modern Day Marketer (PDF)


Internet Marketing Tools 2014

[ Source TechWyse Internet Marketing ]

Infographics – The unexpected “Tool”

Digital, a New “Drug”

Speed. It’s synonymous with the times. I often think we are living in the “Matrix”, remember Keanu Reeves ;-). Our physical world and digital world almost seem to be converging into one. How in the world do we do so much so fast and not loose quality. In fact the amount of information and quality of information we have access to is astounding.  Think “infographics”.

Before the IG topic is opened up, let me finish my heightened thoughts of our brilliant world. Or you can quickly take a look at some of my favorites below since I’m getting too long-winded and philosophical here! I wouldn’t read this! But computers/devices are amazing – worshiped. We feel crippled when they are down, even for a minute. It took the universe, 4.54 billion years to reach this level of amazing, and to open up a new form of sharing information – Infographics will evolve like everything else but they are a “game-changer”.

As a efficiency-tool enthusiast, I love to find new tools that improve the amount of work I get done – faster, faster, faster, faster. I love to push the envelope of efficiency and quality. I’ve even been told I should have considered becoming an efficiency expert. My closet doesn’t agree, but you’ve heard the saying, “the cobblers kids always have holes in their shoes”. Proverbs weren’t my strong point either, I love them but never get one right. I looked this one up “The shoemakers son always goes barefoot”. Don’t expect me to do that again. You knew what I meant… Continue reading Infographics – The unexpected “Tool”

Productivity Tool Enthusiasts – Welcome

I look forward to sharing my experiences with the tools I find and some that I will end up using.  When I find a really exciting and efficient (redundant…) tool I’ll be sure to highlight those most of all. The one’s not worth sharing (in my opinion) I might share as well, to help you eliminate the install, set up and learning curve…no one likes to waste time alas – Productivity Tools. They will be marketing and direct marketing focused, including web design, copywriting, UX, and UI focused.